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C02 Jets are basically a large tank of C02 inert safe and friendly gas that is connected by a long high pressure house to a nozzle; while the tank is very large the C02 nozzle is compact and can be placed on a floor or stage without taking up much space. Our nozzles have both fixings for mounting on stage trussing or base plate for placing flat on the floor or stage. The tanks can be placed/hidden away from the audience and usually we are putting these under or behind the stage. When the C02 jet is on the audience hear the sound of the jet and also get a very nice cooling fog effect so they are perfect for installation in clubs. The effect is cold but also dry so there is no problem with it hitting the audience directly.

C02 Jet C02 Jet

The C02 effect is a very large cooling jet of fog that goes around 8 meters outdoors and up to 15 meters indoors; it can run none stop until the tank is empty or varying duration burst which is a more normal operation. The effect is also sonic as in the burst is like a laud water pressure hose being released.

The C02 system as a whole is supplied with Gas tank, hoses, Nozzle with its fixing/mounting kit. Control is done using standard DMX512 which we can also supply or connection direct to a Grandma, hole hog, Light Jockey or just about any other lighting desks.

From a European producer our C02 jets are the best quality available so we are happy to have 20 units available for rent, more are available if required. We have also arranged a great deal from our supplier so can also sell them at very reasonable prices.

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