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10 watt yag laser
With a guaranteed output of 10,000mw of raw power, single bright emerald green beems can be visible 10km away.

One of our first lasers, operates from a single phase supply 220V and requires NO water cooling. When combined with a state of the art control system itís amazing bright intense beams shooting into the sky are highly imperssive! This Yag laser was used to create our banner across the top of the web page when we started the company, since then we have added 49 other lasers to our fleet.
This DPSS YAG laser is ideal for larger venues and outdoor events.

10 watt YAG laser 10 watt YAG laser 10 watt YAG laser 10 watt YAG laser
The YAG laser is the most powerfull laser used in the undustry, it is practicle, compact and requires no water cooling. the laser can be delivered to a venue with its operator and installed in less than 30 minutes. When used with our control systems it is capable of animations, logos, text, high power long range beams and many more dazzling effects. It can be used indoors with reduced power too! This Yag laser was used to create our banner across the top of the web page.


  • Perfect for large Outdoor events
  • Hi visability even in daylight
  • Power and beam control makes it suitable for small indoor events
  • 532nm emerald green - The most visible colour.
  • True 3d Logo's
  • Text
  • Animations
  • Uses:Advertising, Discos, Concerts, Raves, corporate, weddings and many more
  • Extreamly High Power - 2.5 times brighter than a gas based laser of the same wattage
  • Easy to setup
  • Affordable rental options
  • Supplied complete with one qualified operator, control system and a vast arrey of mirrors

Laser Shows S.R.L Group

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