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First, a Light Source: The type of laser determines the colour of the show and the brightness. Brightness is measured in Watts, colour is specified by wavelength. A 40-Watt 532nm laser will produce an emerald-green beam like the one at the top of this page is visible from one end of a large city to the other. Most lasers only produce light at one specific wavelength. A "white-light" projector may combine multiple lasers to produce red, green and blue colours that are optically mixed to give thousands of colours. For every show, there is a laser that works best.

Next, the Projector: Using tiny moving mirrors mounted on a device called galvonometer, a single beam of laser light can be moved so fast the human eye no longer sees the individual beam. Instead, the audience sees fans, cones, tunnels or cascades of beams that fill the air. Specialized optics (diffraction gratings) can create spectacular sheets of light by splitting one beam into hundreds of individual shafts of light. Bounce mirrors can ricochet beams throughout a venue. Realistic wire-frame images can be projected onto walls, buildings and even mountains to advertise products or tell a dramatic story. Wispy, cloud-like graphics called lumia can fill ceilings, and psychedelic abstract graphics can be created with eye-popping colours and contrast.

The Artist's Touch: A good laser display is more than just a laser and a projector. A laser show expert combines technical knowledge with artistic sensibilities to craft effects that work for a particular audience and a particular venue.

The Whole Show: Lasers are often combined with other media, such as live or recorded music, dancers, fireworks and video. The laser effects can be precisely synchronized using SMPTE time codes, a controll card with software such as the Pangolin suite or they can be triggered using DMX signals. Other times, a laser show expert may become the equivalent of a visual DJ, using computer software or a dedicated playback console to create effects that highlight live performances.

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