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Gauze screens are just like a typical video projection screen but the material is very fine allowing the audience to see almost thru to the other side, we call these semi-transparent screens, they are very good for Laser show graphics as the image seams to almost float in mid air. Video and lighting effects can also be projected onto the screen from the rear creating cool on stage walls of color or imagery.

One special aspect of the screen is that it is electro-mechanical, the screen has motors and the screen material/mesh that is held on a metal encased roll is deployed electronically in several seconds using standard DMX-512. The screen mesh can be dropped down for a special moment within a show, then after this moment the mesh can retract back into its casing freeing up the space.

We have 2 screens of 4 meters wide and both can be connected together to create one 8 meter wide screen, the standard useable mesh is 4 meters x 4 meters but the mesh can also deploy another 2 meters down to overcome obstacles giving a screen area of 4 meters wide by 6 meters tall.

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